Powder coating was invented in the USA around 1945 and works by electrostatically charging a paint in powder form which adheres to and coats metal objects in controlled conditions.

The powder is a mix of pigments, polymer resin along with chemicals to enhance the fixing process and a smooth and uniform coating.

The process is carried out in special booths to contain any emissions and can be applied to any size object with the only restriction being the size of the powder coating facility.

Here at Alfa Engineering, we have invested in a brand new coating unit which at 7.5M in length and 2.5M wide and high can clearly cope with pretty much everything asked of us.

The benefits over traditional coating methods are that the very fine powder, like fine flour or talcum powder, finds its way into difficult-to-reach points making it particularly suitable for ornate or elaborate products and providing a smooth and durable finish.

The technique has been dramatically improved over recent years and the process is noted for reducing the emission of VOC’s and easing any environmental concerns when compared to alternative processes.

It is definitely a process to be considered where a coating is required and can rejuvenate, renew and restore products that look beyond repair.
There is a massive range of colours available, and we can usually find a colour mix to match your requirements including corporate colours.
Our friendly technical team will be delighted to answer any questions you have over your requirements.

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