At Alfa Engineering, we are incredibly proud of the wide range of engineering services we offer our clients.

“When Alfa Engineering was just an ambition, it was always my intention to grow the business to a point where we could offer a full range of the very best in engineering at a competitive rate”      Chris Jones – Chairman Alfa Engineering

As Chris states above, his vision was to strive always, to be the best of the best, and Chris’s drive and ambition is now embedded in the DNA of Alfa. This has delivered a culture of incremental improvement and a dedication to acquiring the finest people, skills and facilities.

This has resulted in the building of a skilled, experienced and talented team throughout the Company with a wide range of engineering skills to call on.

Alfa Engineering is therefore now proud to offer clients of all sizes a premium service across a wide range of services at competitive prices.

Well done Chris – mission complete!



Using the latest welding, cutting and bending equipment, Alfa offers factory fabrication services.



Investment in our facilities allows us to provide profiling services such CNC cutting with both plasma & laser.



As fabricators and engineers, we can offer structural components such as steel frames, stair cases etc.



Alfa has recently invested in shot blasting and powder coating facilities enabling us to finish to a high standard.

For more information on the services offered here at Alfa Engineering or to discuss a project, please contact us.

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