Frequently Asked Questions


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Can you work from designs supplied?

Yes. If you have designs already, we would be able to work from them. We can accept these in various formats i.e .pdf, .dxf, .dwg.
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Do you offer a design service?

We don’t have inhouse design facilities. However, we have worked with some of the best designers in the area and would be happy to recommend a suitable company.
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Do you do site installs?

Alfa Engineering is a factory-based fabricator, however, we work with reliable experienced partners who can provide this service.

What's the thickest sheet size you can work with

The biggest sheet size we can laser cut is 4000mm x 2000mm x 20mm.

We also can offer water jet which the sheet size is 3000mm x 1500 x 200mm

What's the biggest item you can shot blast?

Our shot blast area is 7000mm (length) x 5000mm (width) x 3000mm (height)

As long as we can fit it in our shot blast room and walk around, we can accommodate any size.

What's the biggest item you can powder coat?

Our powder coating room is 6000m x 2500mm x 2000m. As long as the item can fit into this area with space to move around it, we can powder coat it.