Powder Coating as a technique has dramatically improved over recent years and I don’t think there is any doubt within the industry that it is now a better choice than liquid paint, certainly when any reasonable quantity of product needs coating.

Here’s why:

Firstly, the equipment we use to carry out the process just gets better and better and delivers a more efficient and effective process. Waste is almost eliminated by the collection of any product overspray which can be collected, processed and re-used.

The results are of a better quality with a uniform and brighter finish achieved. The adhesion is greater reducing drips and application lines and the coating provides a more durable, chip-resistant finish which gives greater protection over a longer period by resisting corrosion.

Powder coating is particularly effective with ornate or detailed as the fine powder, like fine flour or talcum powder finds its way into difficult-to-reach points making it highly suitable for ornate or elaborate products providing a smooth and even finish throughout.

Additionally, the technique has been dramatically improved over recent years and the process is noted for reducing the emission of VOC’s and ease any environmental concerns when compared to alternative processes.

So all in all, we believe that powder coating is a better choice than liquid paint as it offers the following advantages:

• More Effective
• Greater Efficiency
• Improved Economies
• Finer results
• Improved Environment Credibility

Finally, our new plant here at Alfa Engineering is 7.5M in length and 2.5M wide and high and can clearly cope with pretty much everything you may need coating.

Call one of our friendly technical team if you have any questions on your requirements.

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